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Welcome to the "Kids Fever MD" website -- featuring the Kids Fever MD App for both Iphone and Android smart phones created and developed by Dr. Guerra, a board certified pediatrician.


The Kids Fever MD App is an application that provides an "easy to use" acetaminophen (Tylenol®) and ibuprofen (Advil® / Motrin®) dosing calculator for infants through teenagers based on body weight ranges and different product formats.


Acetaminophen is the most common medication given to infants and children in the United States. It is commonly used for fever management and/ or pain control. Unfortunately, acetaminophen continues to be the most common medication that is overdosed and in many cases unintentionally. Over-dosage of acetaminophen is common and may cause significant damage to the liver, while under-dosing can be ineffective in treating fevers or pain. Many well intentioned parents will “guess” as what the dose should be and the medication is either under dose or over dosed.


The Kids Fever MD App is an application that clarifies the recommended dose of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for infants through teenagers. It provides a numerical value for the recommended dose in addition to a graphical representation of the medication dose in its respective dropper (if applicable).



**It is important to notify your child’s pediatric healthcare provider prior to administering any medication**  


The Kids Fever MD app was created to help parents, school nurses, hospitals, and pediatric healthcare providers with a concise and accurate dose based on the child’s weight. In pediatrics, the dose and concentration of these medications continuously changes as a child grows – so it is important to always re-evaluate the child’s dose based on their current weight and available product.


This app is NOT intended to provide a medical diagnosis nor treatment plan – its intention is to provide an accurate dose of either acetaminophen or ibuprofen while under the care of a licensed healthcare provider.


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